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A GUIDE TO A GREAT C#MSHOT! What Influences taste, consistency, size, power of the shot?

– What seems to influence each of these factors the most–in terms of general or specific lifestyles, foods, practices, etc.?

Taste: Lifestyle and diet are definitely the most important factors in taste.  I pride myself on having great tasting cum (according to many of the female stars i’ve worked with).  This is achieved by a healthy, well balanced diet, drinking lots of water and not smoking cigarettes, doing drugs or drinking an exuberant amount of alcohol.  I don’t believe that specific foods such as pineapple contribute to better tasting cum, I believe its just a healthy, active lifestyle which of course will make you and your cum healthy and tasting great, or just bearable enough;)

Consistency: Again I believe diet and lifestyle play a part.  I have never experienced having cum that is waterier or thicker. It is for the most part the same consistency.  Many girls do complain how unhealthy guys that smoke and drink have “chunky” cum. You also don’t want it to be watery, its all about how it shows up on camera.

Size: The most important thing to a male performers cumshot is the size! The goal is to cover as much area as possible, wether its her face or ass or having to fill up her pussy, mouth or even a glass she drinks after! I find that time between cum shots is the biggest factor in determining the size of the shot.  Everyone will be different but for me 24 hrs in between gives me the biggest, most powerful cum shots.  You would think that the longer you wait the better but that hasn’t always been true. After waiting a few days I have a little more semen built up but the power of the shot isn’t as powerful as i’d like or expect.  The cum just plops out for lack of a better word, instead of shooting which is the goal of any male performer.

Power of the shot: Right behind size, is the power of the cumshot, the second most important factor for a male performers cumshot.  You want to be able to blast the girl with multiple shots and cover as much area as possible! For me it goes back to my 24 hrs between cumshots. I feel it gives the best chance of producing a powerful shot.  Another factor in power is how much you’ve held it back, if I’m on the brink of cumming for the last three positions, well then, its firing out as fast as possible! If i’m not that turned on and I have to work a little harder to cum then it won’t want to come out as fast. So power also depends on how turned on you are when your fucking.  I can also somewhat control the power by squeezing or loosening my grip at the base of the shaft.  Once I feel like I am going to cum I pinch the base and let it build up for a few seconds and then release. This will usually force the cum out at a powerful pace but can also backfire if you hold it too long, it could just dribble out so timing is the key!

– What sort of performer or lifestyle leads to be “best” (to use an ultimately subjective term) cum? The healthier the performer the better the cumshot! Performers that live a healthy lifestyle, working out regularly, sleeping 8 hours a night, eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables to get the most vitamins out of the diet. I also believe water consumption is a big factor.  Being just slightly dehydrated can have many negative side effects on your body and most likely effects your semen, and cumshaws as well!  Also extremely important is not smoking cigarettes, this I feel is negative on every aspect of your body including your semen.  Alcohol and drug consumption are extremely important as well.  If you are treating your body poorly the last thing it cares about is producing high quality cum!

– Do you have any thoughts on the numerous products that aim to either mask or change the taste of cum? I have never tried products aimed at specifically targeting your cum.  Like I said previously, its all about a healthy lifestyle.  I have taken vitamins in the past such as zinc and ZMA that supposedly have positive effects on make semen but I could never tell the difference.  Most of the “cumshot” pictures you see on social media these days isnt cum at all.  Producers use various types of lotions, soaps, etc to mimic cum.  Most go overboard and use large amounts, way more than any guy could physically cum.  So don’t believe everything you see on social media, it can be deceiving!

Want the best cumshot possible? IMO rest 24 hrs between your last cumshot, eat healthy, sleep 8 hrs, stay hydrated, keep working yourself up to summing and then holding back multiple times, as soon as you feel it, pinch your shaft for a few seconds and let it fly!

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